Trump Trio Coffee Roast (3 Pack)

Trump Trio Coffee Roast (3 Pack)

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Clearly, Joe Biden will be a 1-term President. Another Jimmy Carter. President Trump will return in the spirit of Ronald Reagan as our 47th President in 2024. He forever changed politics in 2016. He exposed lies spewing from both sides of the aisle. He put America first in every decision he ever made. Thrasher Coffee is proud to release the Trump Trio pack. Three fresh-roasted conservative coffees in honor of our 45th President and inevitably our 47th President: MAGA, Deplorable, and #47 Blend!

This pack contains:

    #47 Blend Coffee

    In honor of our 45th President, Donald J. Trump we bring to you #47 Coffee. We stand behind President Donald J. Trump in the hopes of saving this great nation once again from the clutches of the evil liberal, progressives. Trump 2024 “Save America Again.”

    #47 Blend is intentionally mixed and roasted to be bold, just like our 45th President. It begins with a refreshing balance of the best beans from Central America and Africa, and ends with a flavor only roasting in America can provide.

    The specific flavors of this blend will vary from season to season, as all good coffees do, with coffee farming and cultivation ever changing throughout the year. But the essence of American craftsmanship will always ring true in this blended roast.

    Deplorable Basket Blend Coffee

    What Hillary intended as a condescending insult has become a badge of honor!

    The Deplorable Blend is a velvety, dark roasted Rwanda blended with a classic, medium roasted Colombian. 

    1776 Coffee Roast

    • Med-Dark Roast (like Border blend)
    • [Burundi and Kenya Beans]
    • (Bold, Robust, Deep Coco Notes)

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