The Let's Go Brandon!" Coffee + Book Bundle

The Let's Go Brandon!" Coffee + Book Bundle

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The "Let's Go Brandon!" Coffee + Book Bundle: Unlock the power of passion and ambition with the Let's Go Brandon! Bundle! This bundle contains 12oz of freshly roasted medium & light bean blend coffee and the inspirational Let's Go Brandon book by entrepreneur & CEO, Brandon Vallorani. Enjoy the creamy, smooth flavor of the coffee and be inspired by the unbelievable story of the tyrannical Biden regime. So, let's go! Elevate your mornings and unlock your potential today.

1 each of the "Let's Go Brandon!" Coffee Roast in whole bean or ground plus Let's Go Brandon Book by author, CEO and entrepreneur, Brandon Vallorani.

About the Coffee:

After countless roasting sessions and tasting cup after cup of coffee, we settled on a combination of medium roasted and light roasted beans (we suspect James Madison made his the same way). The resulting blend is technically known as a mélange, but we still call it a blend; one in keeping with the diverse and blended nature of our favorite constitutional republic.

12 oz. freshly roasted coffee - we recommend fresh grinding just before brewing for the best quality, taste, and effect. Flag and Cross does not offer ground coffees at this time.
Origin: Barahona and Sumatra and Ethiopia
Flavor: Creamy, smooth with a light fruit note

About the Book:

A man was thrown off a JetBlue flight for wearing a “Let’s Go, Brandon!” mask. A man in Alabama was recently denied an “LGBFJB” license plate. Will it soon be illegal to say, “Let’s Go, Brandon!” in America? The Left bans any free speech they don’t like and cancels anyone who speaks their minds. That’s why you should secure your copy of this 256-page exposé of the Biden-Harris Regime before Big Tech blocks you from ever seeing it.

“Let’s Go, Brandon!” chants and memes went viral in 2021. Why?

The woke, Marxist Lefties have been running the country for a year now and Americans are feeling the burn. We are disgusted at how the Biden-Harris Administration botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, terrified that they ignore the crisis at our southern border, frustrated over soaring gas prices, struggling to live with sky-high inflation, stifled by supply-chain breakdowns, and angered that the Left wants to force us to get a medical experiment against our will. To add insult to injury, we even have tyrants abroad that are emboldened by Biden’s weak leadership!

In his latest book, author Brandon Vallorani chronicles the daily faux pas, fiascos, and failures of the Biden-Harris Administration during their first year. A chapter is dedicated to each month in 2021 and the chapters are broken down into daily sections. Brandon offers more than mere complaints, however. As a Christian and a Patriot, he also offers hope. Hold on to your seats! This is one fast ride!

Paperback, 256 pages

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